Private, quite country living

About Owner:

Our private country home of 28 years on 8 acres is surrounded with a large fenced yard and a dog proof cottage garden with lawns and trees.
the house/dog sitter has to be confident with large dogs. A retriever, two Leonbergers and an older Lab a cat, sheep and a horse.

My fur kids are generally lounge lizards but can turn into turbo Burgers if not exercised as with a run around the paddock for 15 minutes or a play in there dog fun park. They settle and are just happy to be with you.
My furkids have outside secure yards which they must be put in when leaving the property.
They enjoy being inside in the evenings and have body cocks with meals x 2 daily... They are happy to be left in there yards during the day for a few hours while there sitter is out shopping or site seeing. My team are very obedient and loving and apart from being big they are easy to live with.

Since Apr 2021
  • House Owner: Fran
  • Region: North West
  • Location: Semi Rural Gawler / Ulverstone Area
  • From: 03/06/2021 To 28/06/2021
  • House Type: House
  • Car Space: 4
  • Have Pets: Yes