Living the rural dream -in progress!

About Owner:

We are in the process of building a new home on a lovely patch of countryside. Our home is currently a shed/container conversion, not big but very comfortable and with everything you need. The property has some elevation but the shed and parking areas are all on flat ground. We have two young calves that are very friendly! Two dogs; a 7 year old border collie and a nine year old lab/kelpie x, one cat who loves to sleep on your lap and gives cuddles and a couple of pekin ducklings and a handful of free-ranging chooks (they are not locked up at night). The property has amazing views of the surrounding countryside and its only a 25 minute drive to the centre of Launceston. The next small town is Lilydale, about 5km's away with an IGA, fuel station, post office and great coffee shop!
We have started a veggie garden of sorts in an old atrium that we have restored, the watering is done by timer and pumped directly from the river across the road. We have water tanks as well as the river. The area is near the Tamar wine region and lots of attractions within short drive away. Our neighbours down the street are super friendly and happy to help out if needed.

Since Jan 2019
  • House Owner: Danielle
  • Region: North
  • Location: Karoola
  • From: 21/04/2019 To 28/05/2019
  • House Type: Other
  • Car Space: 4
  • Have Pets: Yes