January 2019 1 week

About Owner:

Quiet with water and mt
Wellington views. Close to 7mile and park beach.
Can you commit to 1 week in January 2019? 5th - 11th jan

Feed and keep an eye on 2 cats very easy to care for and feed. House is cosy with fantastic water view and very close to great beaches. 10 minute drive from Sorell and 30 min from Hobart.

House has a great deck to soak up the sun on a deck chair and admire the sunset.

Cats have a cat door into a cat enclosure so no messing about with a litter tray.

Since Feb 2018
  • House Owner: Kerry
  • Region: South
  • Location: Lewisham
  • From: 05/01/2019 To 11/01/2019
  • House Type: House
  • Car Space: 2
  • Have Pets: Yes
  • Preferred Hours: Prefer txt message