feed the chooks and eat the eggs

About Owner:

I will be going to Launceston to help care for my ageing father during the above period, however I will be returning home from time to time to fulfil commitments at home. House is two minutes walk to a bay side beach or five minutes drive to an ocean beach. My dog will be travelling with me, but your dog is most welcome as long as he/she won't chase my chooks. I have about two dozen. Both silky bantams and Rhode Island Reds. My chooks will need to be fed and watered every day and any eggs you gather you are welcome to. They are delicious.You would be welcome to use the kayak that is here and I can leave you some fishing. I would like you to maintain the lawn and collect the mail.

Since Mar 2021
  • House Owner: Leigh
  • Region: East
  • Location: Stieglitz St Helens
  • From: 20/03/2021 To 30/04/2021
  • House Type: House
  • Car Space: 2
  • Have Pets: Yes