Christmas in wonderful West Hobart!

About Owner:

We are seeking a sitter to look after our home in Warwick Street and, most importantly, our beloved cat for a week over Christmas while we travel interstate to wrap up some affairs. Tutty (rhymes with footy) has recently moved from WA, and is a very sensitive, timid soul. We seek a quiet, calm, single person, who will be very sensitive to her needs and not have visitors to the house. The house is a gorgeous, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, with stunning gardens, lovely vistas, great views and within walking distance to the centre of Hobart and fantastic Hill Street Grocer up the road. Some watering of the garden may be required. More photographs available on request - sorry - having difficult uploading files.

Since Oct 2021
  • House Owner: Kerry
  • Region: South
  • Location: West Hobart
  • From: 23/12/2021 To 30/12/2021
  • House Type: House
  • Car Space: 1
  • Have Pets: Yes
  • Preferred Hours: No texts. Please phone after business hours.