A hobart home for dark mofo?

About Owner:

I've got a 3 bedroom house in New Town, Hobart that needs looking after for a couple of weeks. Its an older style house but in pretty good condition. The third bedroom really is a study/junk room. There's a reasonable sized back yard. I have 2 rabbits and 4 chickens. The rabbits need feeding/watering daily (there is a lady who can come feed/water the rabbits if you want to go away for a couple of nights) and the chickens just need their food/water topped up every few days. Both cages need cleaning perhaps twice a week (once for the chickens) - neither is the most pleasant job. There's a veggie garden that you are welcome to either leave along or be super involved with and eat anything you fancy. Apart from the animals there are no specific chores. If Dark Mofo is something you are interested in then it starts on the 7th of June. Email contact preferred please. Non smokers please

Since Jan 2019
  • House Owner: Meg
  • Region: South
  • Location: New Town
  • From: 31/05/2019 To 17/06/2019
  • House Type: House
  • Car Space: 1
  • Have Pets: Yes