3 bedroom home with deck and views and 2 friendly cats

About Owner:

We have 2 friendly and affectionate cats that need feeding and some cuddles while we are away. Our house has 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, a large deck with great views of Mt Wellington and the Derwent River. We are a 10-15 min drive from Hobart CBD and close to a bus route. No house maintenance required other than keeping the house clean, collecting our mail and looking after our cats. We may require medication to be given to 1 cat but it is very easy as it can be rubbed on her ear!

Since Oct 2018
  • House Owner: Louise
  • Region: South
  • Location: Howrah
  • From: 29/03/2022 To 07/04/2022
  • House Type: House
  • Car Space: 2
  • Have Pets: Yes
  • Preferred Hours: contact anytime